Monday, 26 April 2010

Declutter Frenzy

Well, I'm on another day off work but I was feeling a bit blah this morning and didn't feel like doing anything :o( So the remedy for this inertness was to rampage around my flat like a whirlwind, having a clothes n' craft clearout! I would certainly recommend this course of action if, like me, you let stuff build up that you will never wear/use. My craft room is now so tidy you could actually make cards in it and my wardrobe is refreshed and ready for filling with new, summery items. And despite the fact that my "100 Things" never quite came to fruition, I now feel I can without (much) conscience, order one or two products at Kim's up n' coming Stampin' Up party. Phew!

All this has left no time to actually make any cards but I think I can safely show you one of my commissions:

Thanks to Kim for letting me borrow her Cricut Wedding Solutions cartridge for this. The pp are Cosmo Cricket Everafter and I printed out the sentiment.

OK, now I'm going to gather all my stuff together ready for a massive trip to the recycling centre/charity shop! An uncluttered house means an uncluttered mind!

1 comment:

CraftyNess said...

Lovely card once again debbie - I really like the soft colours.

Still musing over the Stampin Up catalogue and keep changing my mind! I am sure I will have decided by Friday :-)