Saturday, 24 January 2009


Good Morning!! 'Tis my day off (yay!) so a good chance to blog although I really should be doing housework (boo!) but I'll forgo that and just wallow in filth for a bit longer. Busy week so far, all go at work, including several new ranges of products, which have caused much hyperventilation amongst the staff as the deliveries are rifled through. Particular favourite is the super-cute range entitled "Smirk", which features an array of cheeky characters centred around love and friendship and other girly stuff. As we unpacked each increasingly thrilling new item, we wondered if our hearts could take the excitement. I just love this stamp:

The other girls think it looks like two bottoms sticking out, but I don't see that - I just think it's SOOOO CUTE!!! Anyone else? Or maybe I'm just weird.

My crafting friend came round last night, we nattered loads, did some stamping and before we knew it, it was 10.30pm! Oops! Amazing how the time flies when you're in crafting mode!

I've even managed to make some cards:

More lovey-dovey ones (are you bored with this yet?), in a shabby chic style (top one) and my new, experimental, "clashy" style (bottom one). Some people have a knack for the latter style, I'm not sure if I can get away with it.

Finally, a commissioned card:

The birds are on a strip of acetate and don't quite fit the aperture as I got my measurements slightly wrong/planned to happen all along (delete as you think appropriate). Quite like it, hope the recipient does too!

OK, I've spent far too long on this, I really need to arm myself with a toilet brush now and get scrubbing. See you next time!!

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