Friday, 16 January 2009

Like your nuts spicy missus?

Howdy! Today is, as they say, all well with the world. My world anyway. Yesterday I meant to blog, but time ran away with me. I was quite a busy bee. First I got my housework done, with lots of "help" from the cats:

Thanks, guys, your input was invaluable.
I made some gift tags:

Attempted some baking (not my strong point):

These are florentines but they were a real faff to make and I had to break all the burned bits off before photographing them. They taste nice though.
And I made spicy nuts:
These are coated in honey, olive oil, cayenne pepper and rock salt and roasted in the oven for a few mins. Delicious! WARNING: Any nut-allergy sufferers should probably avoid this recipe as it could be harmful to health. (A Nut-Allergy Sufferer writes: "You reckon???!!!!?")
And I also made some cards, but no pics yet.
Tonight I'm off to a friends' to watch a chick flick. Wonder if I should inflict my florentines on her?

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