Friday, 2 January 2009

Second Post in a Row! Woo Hoo!

First day back at work after the New Year festivities and it was fine except it took approximately one hour to vacate the multi-storey car park after closing, as the whole of humanity had descended on the shopping centre in one go, or so it seemed. Why no one has any grasp of the fairly simple concept that if you let one car out in front of you the queue will ACTUALLY MOVE, I really don't know. Sigh.
I mentioned a fave Christmas pressie in yesterday's post. That's not to say it was my ONLY favourite; oh no, I did VERY well for gifts this time and will probably make use of another tonight when I soak my over-used feet in a selection of pampering products provided by a thoughtful personage :0) I might need to do some crafting too. (If I don't that's a resolution broken already!) A baby card is required and although I did recently make a Girl card as shown below, it is actually a Boy one needed this time.

Also need to pull my finger out and get on with writing Thank You cards for aforementioned blurvely gifts (that's my shortened version of 'bloomin' lurvely' for those amongst you who may be hard of thinking). I made the embellishments first:

then assembled the cards:

and I'm quite pleased with them, they're sort of rustic.

Ouch, my sore shoulder is back to torment me again. Time to vacate the computer. A foot bowl awaits!

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