Monday, 19 January 2009


One of my favourite Scottish words is the one to describe the mood of being grumpy. And usually I would use it in reference to someone else, for instance a work colleague, but today I would use it to describe me. Grrr. Patience zero. Liable to snap your head off for no apparent reason. Not nice. I'm trying to adopt a more "zen" way of living these days and crabbitness definately does not fit into that lifestyle. Hope it's just hormones. I will think of cool, green grass and try to ignore the fact that one of the cats has just been sick. AAAAARRRGGGHH!!! And breathe...
Before this bout of crotchetiness struck I made yet more Vally Day cards:

I think they turned out quite well. But maybe I need to turn my attention to other festive occasions now, before I get Valentine-burn-out.
And now, in Part One of an occasional series entitled: Free Things To Do In Edinburgh On A Sunday Afternoon - the National Museum of Scotland is where Himself and I ventured to spend a couple of pleasant hours yesterday. This was our third visit in recent weeks as it's so vast there was no hope of seeing everything the first time round. If one were to read the bumf about every single item on display, one would be there for almost as long as Scotland has existed. All very interesting though. And entirely free, especially if you eschew the cafe' and settle for a cup of tea and a HobNob at home ( as we did).
Well, my mood has abated a little, thanks mainly to the delicious chunks of marzipan I have just thrust into my gob. I love marzipan in any shape or form and will quite happily munch my way through a block of the stuff. Why spoil it's exquisiteness by wrapping it around a cake? People who dislike marzipan must indeed be the spawn of the devil.
Bye for now!

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