Thursday, 1 January 2009

Well Hellooooooo There

and welcome to my blog! :0) It's looking a tad bare at the moment but I hope to soon fill it with plentiful niceness! As you can see, the cats were suitably "thrilled" to celebrate the start of another year of eating, sleeping, eating, sitting still and occasionally eating.

The dawn of 2009, the beginning of another era (and a rather snazzy diary too!)

As ever, I have come up with a massive list of resolutions destined to be broken within about 2 days. One of them, of course, is to blog as regularly as possible (with the exception of boring days where the most exciting thing to occur is my fat cat Corrie actually moving). Other "highlights" include:

  • To eat more healthily and ensure I get my 5-a-day (and that doesn't mean 5 Belgian chocolates, of which I have a post-Christmas plethora - yummy!)
  • To never accept a plastic carrier bag in a shop again (the other day I purchased a cute shopping tote with a view to eco-friendliness - and stood watching like a dumb fool as the salesgirl PUT IT IN A PLASTIC BAG!!! Which defeats the object somewhat.)
  • To stop saying things like "fiddlesticks!" when I'm cross and start using proper sweary words (sorry, parents) because my associates are beginning to think I'm some kind of freak.
  • To craft religiously (every day!!????) and stop making feeble excuses as to why I can't be bothered.
  • To take regular excercise and thus become toned and athletic, yada, yada, yada......

    Will I keep to these rules of life? Only time will tell.

One of my fave prezzies this crimbo was this:

A very well-chosen gift from my Secret Santa at work who knows I am a coffee-fiend and that I like cats! My own personalised mug! I just love it.

Well, I've given myself neck strain trying to get this post written because I am new to blogging and a complete technophobe to boot - the tension is unbearable. So I am going to hit the "publish" button now and hope for the best.....

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