Sunday, 11 January 2009

Cat Casserole, anyone?

Oops! Distinct lack of blogging recently, eh? Perhaps because there's also been a distinct lack of crafting and a definate lack of positivity around here :0( But never fear - for it is BACK!!!

In the form of some Valentine's notecards, specially designed for the purpose of leaving those little romantic messages around the house for your loved one to find (blech - do people actually DO that sort of thing??)

And a couple of Vally cards, using felt embellishments made by my own fair hand. I'm always reluctant to fork out for premade embellies if there's the slightest chance I could rustle up something myself. I love using felt; this range I might call something like Heart'felt' Wishes...

And another...

Work today, the first time I've worked a Sunday in a while and it felt odd, but quite enjoyable. Some cards were made and the other girlies and I got very excited about acetate and giant paper clips (sad, aren't we?) so look out for some creations of the plasticy and clippy type very soon.

Last night's dinner was Hearty Pasta Soup, which certainly lived up to it's name. Corrie has been in the pot, licking the remnants, damn her. If she's not careful she will find herself literally IN THE POT. Hmm, cat casserole. Has potential. And me a vegetarian too.

See ya soon!

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