Sunday, 4 January 2009


Well, that's it. The Christmas decorations have been taken down and the pine needles swept up and the cats have attacked my baubles for the last time (until next year). I'm not sad, it was a lovely Christmas but it's nice to tidy the place up and start thinking about the next festive event - namely Valentine's Day. I really need to discipline myself to craft because I hope to get a little online shop going this year and so far I have no stock made. So I will try to motivate myself with Vally Day stuff like the toppers I made last year...

As you can see I was very into bears!
It's been a very pleasant weekend so far. Last night was spent indulging in good conversation, Celebrity Big Brother, a wee glass of wine and my leek and parmesan risotto, which, if I say so myself, is rather blurvely (see prev. post for definition). I enjoy cooking. I think I am a fair-weather vegetarian in that 90% of the time I do not eat or enjoy meat but every so often I will lapse into carnivorousness. In my opininon a meal does not have to contain something that once breathed in order to be tasty! My risotto being a prime example, mmmmm!
Made the baby boy card I was commissioned to do; not all that happy with it but the recipient seemed satisfied, phew...

Sorry about the slightly rubbish photo. I keep forgetting to take them until the light has gone!
To finish, a bright and cheery card to herald the onset of spring (?!). I actually made this by candlelight during a power cut ("looks like it too!", some of you may quip), so it holds "special" meaning for me (a bit). See ya next time!

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