Monday, 29 August 2011

90th Birthday Card

My mum asked me to make a 90th birthday card. I knew I wanted to keep it quite subtle and delicate so here was the result:

In the end there was rather more going on in the card than I had planned; if I was making it again I probably wouldn't have plonked the Happy Birthday right there and might have made more of a feature of the 90, but overall I think it came out ok, considering I don't do a lot of stamping!

Quick cat update - I'm pleased to report that he's still continuing to eat and seems much more like his usual self; I am totally nonplussed by it as he seemed at death's door just a few days ago! But if it means I have him for longer than expected, that's fantastic! Thanks to everyone who left such kind comments, they were much-appreciated!


misteejay said...

Such a pretty card Debbie - love the colours you have used.

Toni xx

Sarpreet said...

Gorgeous card

Vic at Careford Creations said...

I agree, the card is lovely:) Very glad to hear your cat's doing OK too... Vic x