Wednesday, 3 August 2011

So Lazy!!!

I've had a shopping day today - just groceries and toiletries and some basic craft stuff, nothing exciting. I also treated myself (after a week of relatively healthy eating) to coffee and a rather crumbly scone, and I treated the car too, by paying the valeting bloke in the shopping centre car park to wash it for me! Shh, don't tell Himself, I know it's very lazy of me!! But it really needed a more thorough wash than I'd have been able to give it. Even it's tyres are nice and black and glossy now!

It's been lovely weather all day and I've made some summery dragonfly tags:

Just wish I'd got out there and painted my decking whilst there was plenty time for it to dry. But it felt too much like hard work! *feelings of guilt*

I'm such a lazy-pants!!

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misteejay said...

Love the tags Debbie. I think it has been far too hot & muggy today to have been doing stuff like painting decks so don't feel guilty.

Toni xx