Saturday, 27 August 2011

Making The Best of It

I took Ben to the vet's yesterday as he was no better, and they did a scan and more blood tests, the results of which seem to point strongly to some sort of tumour process in his abdomen :( At 14 there is only so much I'm willing to put him through, so I decided to bring him home and keep him as comfortable as possible. The vet gave him a steroid injection and, from the minute I got him home he was prancing about, miaowing for food, which he hadn't done in days! He tucked into frequent small meals throughout the evening and we cosied up on the couch to watch tv with a hot water bottle and he did lots of purring and was much more his old self.

This afternoon I feel he's slipping back a bit, but the injection is probably wearing off. I'm to try giving him steroid tablets but I know he's living on borrowed time so for however long he has any quality of life I will cater to his every whim!

Sorry this is turning into a bit of a cat blog instead of a craft blog but I did manage a little bit of making - some festive matchbook notepads which are great stocking fillers!

One good thing to come out of the depressing cat situation is that it's reminded me what lovely, caring parents and friends (both online and off) I have, so many people want to be kept informed of his progress and it's been very touching.

So thank you! (proper crafting will resume soon, I promise!)


misteejay said...

Sorry to hear the lastest news about Ben isn't very good = sending you both (((hugs)))

The matchbooks look lovely Debbie - such a fab idea as extra little gifts.

Toni xx

Debbie said...

Thank you Toni :) X

Creating Trouble said...

The notepads are really cute - love! I'm sorry to hear about Ben and that he's not doing too well, it's really hard when someone/something you love is so ill. My thoughts are with you.

Debbie said...

Thank you :) x

Ruthie said...

Love the matchbooks - brilliant!

Am only just getting back to a bit of blog hopping so wasnt aware that Ben was poorly - give him a lickle cuddle!


Blue Daisy said...

Sorry to hear this news Debbie. Cats are such amazing members of the family. Tx

PS. your matchbooks are lovely (as always!)

Sarpreet said...

This is your blog hun and if you want to discuss your situation, that is cool and you need somewhere to let it all out. Sorry to hear your latest news on Ben, let us know how Ben gets on

Gorgeous matchbooks.