Monday, 8 August 2011

Wax Tarts Excitement!

I'm currently working on various dog and cat-themed cards to give to my friend Michelle who runs a boarding kennels and cattery. Hopefully some of her clients' owners might need a card or two from time to time, so it would be useful for her to have a stash of them around. Animal-themed cards are my fave, so making them is no hardship!

I'm making several of these doggy toppers to fit DL cards, a size I don't often venture into!

Much as I'm not looking forward to the inevitable descent into autumness, the approach of the season has been eased by the arrival of this batch of wax tarts:

I'm going to try and resist using them until September, but I can't wait to fill my home with spicy, warm aromas!! Plus, I've never used wax tarts before so that'll be a new experience!!

1 comment:

misteejay said...

Love the doggies.

Wax tarts are fab and it looks like you have some super 'flavours' there.

Toni xx