Monday, 29 June 2009

A Very Fishy Day

Now her birthday's over I can share a card I made for my friend's little girl:

This card was based on an idea by my favourite designer, Jo Kill, who can work miracles with punched circles! The letters are Doodlebug, everything else is scraps and the embellishment is a felt flower that I topped with a gem and a ribbon.

The only other card I've come up with this week is an addition to my Pastel Tones range:

The paper is from Papermania's Big One, the stamps are by Studio G. An unusual colour combo but I think it's quite fresh.

Other than that, a disappointing week creativity-wise. My boiler is now fixed (yahoo!!!) and many thanks to Dad for giving up his morning to cat-sit once again. Saturday was a full-on day at work and I was determined that we would keep our "noses" to the "grindstone" (i.e I was a nagging old bat). I end up feeling quite motherly when working with my youngest colleagues but I also frighten myself with it sometimes!

Yesterday the weather was poop so Himself and I took a drive across to Deep Sea World in North Queensferry. I'd not been for years and it was a new experience for H. The place was awash with kids but we stoically made our way round the exhibition area, staring into the tanks and exclaiming in "wonder" at the fantastic forms of subaquatic nature that were presented to us. We were particularly amused by a purple, spotty fish wearing neon yellow lipstick that was doing continuous, frantic circuits round it's tank. In the underwater tunnels we stood on the creaky moving walkway and did two circuits of our own to make sure we got our money's worth of sharks and stingrays! We were present at the feeding of the cute seals and finished off with cappucinos and Rocky Road in the cafe. Very pleasant.

Then, despite the mist and drizzle, we took a drive up the mainly unscenic Fife coastal road to Anstruther, where, after a walk along the pebbly, rocky beach, we queued for an hour (an HOUR!) in the world-famous, award-winning Anstruther Fish Bar to get haddock suppers. The place is currently the best fish and chip shop in the UK and the food didn't disappoint but I'm not sure I would ever be willing to lose 60 minutes of my life in there again. When we first joined the end of the slowly-moving line of people that snaked infinitely into the bowels of the building, we began to worry about why we hadn't actually seen anyone coming BACK OUT. It smacked faintly of Sweeney Todd for a minute - until we realised it was a one-way system and you actually exited by a separate door! Camilla Parker-Bowles has apparently enjoyed a fish tea there. Bet SHE didn't queue. That is why one has minions.

So, a pleasant weekend all round. I've got hot water at my command again - woo! Time to go and soak one's bones in the tub.


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