Saturday, 6 June 2009

Terrible Smells and "Comedy" Moments

What have I been up to this week? I've been making a couple of birthday cards:

The plane image is a PM one recycled from another card made by a colleague (sorry, J!) and I've used my trusty Claire Curd papers again. The greeting is from Craftwork Cards.

Made this one quickly last night at Card Nite, using free Daisy and Dandelion stickers. We had quite a laugh at our card-making sesh, including such "classic" moments as me producing a sneeze which sounded like a Jewish proverb (???) and J thinking she'd made two seperate cards when, in fact, she'd daftly turned one card round and decorated the BACK of it by mistake. Har har! ....tumbleweed rolls past.... OK... so you really had to be there. But it was funny at the time and we nearly expelled our internal organs through our nostrils we were laughing so much!

Other time has been spent cutting out a million tags using the supremely cute Paper Pups Cricut cartridge and very pretty they look too:

I've done this with a view to making lots of mini cards like these:

Sorry about the pants lighting, the weather's not been quite so glorious this week. At work we've been plagued by a smell worse than the Devil's Armpit and we're sure it's making us wheeze, such is it's toxicness. Blah. I'm waiting on lots of exciting new products to come in so I can design cards for my July classes. So watch this space folks for sneak peeks...

Well, off to visit the Parents now. As I type someone is playing bagpipes outside my window. How "lovely". Snort!

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