Friday, 26 June 2009

New Stuff Excitement!

It's been a bit of a stressy week, what with me having some problems with my boiler (that's not a euphemism for an embarrassing medical condition BTW) and having to drag my poor Parents over to flat -and -cat-sit during the engineer's visits. There has been Illness at work, which meant I had to stand in for J during her class last night; it went fine and the cards were lovely and straightforward, but my nerves were a little frazzled. I showed off my Diaroma cards, however, and they "piqued" the interest of those present. Here is a sneak peek:

The Cosmo Cricket papers lend themselves nicely to this project, I think.

This week also saw the "launch" (with a whimper rather than a bang) of my Etsy shop. It took rather a long time to set up my listings (trying to work out postal prices is a nightmare!) but I'm glad I'm finally up and running. I plan to add to my stock as regularly as possible to keep my visibility up. There is SO MUCH competition!

Finally, there was excitement at work, with the arrival today of tons of new stock, including fab paper and embellishment ranges by Trimcraft (I've snapped up Bloom & Grow) and DoCraft's Christmas items galore. It's quite scary, actually. It was a race against time to get it all checked off, priced and put out in the shop but I think the two of us who were in did fairly well. It made the day go superfast, that's for sure!

Well, that's me for now. Sorry not more photos to show. See you next time!

P.S. RIP Michael Jackson. When will the conspiracy theories begin, I wonder?

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