Friday, 12 June 2009

Class List Mania!

Just reporting in with a quick entry to update on the week. I've finally worked my way through a big list of cards I had to make for various occasions and now I can kick back and make cards for no particular reason at all...
Hence these bright and simple cards using cute patch stickers I got at a "snip" from work -

The July class list was "launched" at TPMS and places have filled up faster than my stomach after a jar of jelly beans. There was almost an element of hysteria about it, with ladies clamouring for places as if it were the release of tickets for a Daniel O'Donnell concert, not craft classes! Scary!

I am planning three classes: a Circle Flip-Up Book, Diorama Cards and Doodled Doggies. People are slightly unsure of the latter, I think. But the others are arousing intrigue. I'd better get those cards made!

I have taken small steps towards setting up ye old carde shoppe but goodness knows when I'll get round to the rest. I've had to settle for a bit of a dull name too - Mushroom Papercrafts as Crafty Mushroom was already taken!! Can you believe it - there's someone else out there as mad as me!

Finally, I must mention a Special Anniversary that occurred this week. Himself has put up with me for a year and so I plan to cook a deluxe meal this weekend to celebrate this fact. Will he survive my cooking? That remains to be seen!

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