Monday, 8 June 2009

A Blurvely Day!!

It was a tad chilly yesterday but that didn't stop us having a lovely day in East Lothian. First we headed to Tantallon Castle for a spot of ghost-hunting:

The castle has quite an imposing frontage.

There were some lovely views out to the Bass Rock in the Forth.

We climbed to the top of every tower for sweeping views over the coastline.

Sadly no ghosts appeared at any windows...

There were some interesting formations in the stonework.

After that we went to North Berwick and ate ice creams on the sea front. The temperature was -250 degrees (near enough), yet there were still some maniacs swimming in the sea! It gave me frostbite just watching them!
Met up with friends and their Very Cute Baby, went for a coffee, were assailed by a mad OAP woman, sent back a mouldy scone, had a very pleasant natter and a breezy walk along the beach. My friend and I got carried away chatting and so the menfolk were literally left holding the baby, but it was rather touching to see!

Then himself and I took a lovely walk at nearby John Muir Country Park and watched surfers from the beach and people using a weird skateboard/kite contraption to whizz along the salt marsh. We walked further on and found a completely deserted beach with sculptures formed from driftwood:

Finally, we ate fish suppers in the car at Dunbar beach and threw chips to the birds. Tried to take photos but, sadly, I haven't quite mastered the use of my camera yet, so they didn't come out. Never mind, I will keep practicing!

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