Monday, 22 June 2009

Gassy Gastronomy

Every night last week I cooked myself a decent veggie meal and I've just planned the next batch, hoorah! There will be quite a lot of beans and lentils consumed and, if last week is anything to go by, I will be adding considerably to the hole in the ozone layer as a result (parp!). I'm looking forward to Mushroom & Lentil Bake (Tesco recipe) and Curried Aubergine & Potato Pie (BBC Good Food). I'll just need to get the Rennies at the ready for afterwards!

For Father's Day I got my Male Parent a selection of dark chocolate bars and decorated a box to keep them in:

Ingredients: Sweet Treats PP, Card Candy, Doodlebug letters and strips of Stix2 Foil.

Ingredients: Several yummy choc bars!

I made two final patch sticker cards:

That's that project finished now. I have several more in the "pipeline".

Yesterday the weather was decent so we spent a pleasant morning strolling along the canal at Linlithow:

We narrowly avoided being hit by a stray golf ball as there is a course alongside the water.

I don't think that door is used very often!

A tree had keeled over into the water..

We could have walked all the way to Glasgow...

Up close and personal with a busy bee (click on this photo for better view).

Likewise to see the blue creature in Himself's shot...

Some delapidated barges, not exactly pleasure cruise material!

The canal "basin". The beginning and end of our walk.

We bought some sandwiches, sushi (my first experience - a non-fishy one, of course) and maple pecan pastries and sat by Linlithgow Palace, watching mad people having canoe races across the loch. Himself found a hair in his sandwich. Good old Tesco! Well, it was a reduced price sarnie, what do you expect???


Anonymous said...

these photos are lush debbie - v. jealous. have to get back out there

Debbie said...

Thanks, Tricia, I look forward to seeing your shots too :o)