Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ashes to Ashes

In a rush to type this entry as I'm off to the dentist (boo!) for a checkup this morning. Only switched on to see if some technical problems regarding my internet connection had sorted themselves and - fingers crossed - they seem to have for the moment. May as well blog while I'm here.
A pleasant weekend was had, including a visit to Craigie's Farm Cafe, where we coffeed and caked with Himself's Brother, Brother's Wife and their VCB. So many cute babies around at the moment! And I'm not even really the maternal type! It must be my age...anyway, we spent a very pleasant time, although the weather wasn't nice enough to do any trekking. We made it home just in time before the heavens opened and a full-on thunderstorm began. I enjoy this type of heavy rain - as long as I'm not driving, working (there was almost as much of a downpour inside the shop!) or going anywhere important in it. It's so refreshing.
Made a card to send to the vet who helped my Parent's old cat on her way to the big cat bed in the sky a week or so ago:

I was sorry I couldn't be there at the End. She was originally my cat (adopted from the vets where I worked at the time, 16 years ago) but stayed with my Parents when I left home. She was a sweet old thing and will be missed. We're having a little ashes-burial ceremony in the garden this afternoon. Sniff. RIP Shelley.

Finally, a couple more patch-sticker cards (I ripped one up because I didn't like it - bah!)

I quite like these ones though.

Need to do a bit more work on these Diorama cards as I've got hold of some nice Cosmo Cricket papers to make them with. My colleagues keep calling them Diarrhoea cards. How lovely.

Bye for now!

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