Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Need To Get Out More?


Because I got rather excited when the paper bags I'd ordered from Craft Creations arrived - they sent a random mix, and mine just happened to feature paw prints! So cute!!

I just hope that people buy things at the fair so I can have the pleasure of giving them one of these bags!

OK, OK, I know, I should just get back to making things, shouldn't I???

*Anyone who has any concerns for my sanity at this time, be assured I'm not always this excited about paper bags, it's just a phase, I'll get over it!


misteejay said...

LOL...your comments really made me laugh.

I think your paper bags are cute too.

Toni xx

Sharon said...

Small things, eh? ;o) Good luck with your fair, Debbie. Not that you'll need it.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the Fair Debbie! the bags are also very cute!

Hugs June

Sarpreet said...

hi there, beautiful card, gorgeous papers and images. sorry i have not been able to visit your blog in a while, have not been well.

Sarpreet said...

sorry get into one mode - meant to say gorgeous tags