Monday, 4 April 2011


After paying my third visit to Ikea in the space of a week (I'm obsessed - it's official!) and buying my garden furniture (yay! Now all we need is a summer!), Himself and I went on one of our Walks; we chose nearby Loanhead as our starting point and followed a very interesting route along part of an old railway. The sun stayed out, although it wasn't particularly warm, and the "heady" stench of muck-spreading on the nearby fields accosted our nostrils for much of the way.

After crossing a huge viaduct and passing by a strange tower that was plonked randomly in the middle of a field, we found ourselves walking through a woodland and, in the deepest darkest part, we came upon an encampment of treehouses and shambolic ground dwellings built out of all kinds of rubbish! This was the work of a group of eco-warriors who have mounted a long-standing protest against plans to build a bypass through the woodland and we were intrigued by them.

At first the camp appeared deserted but as we snooped around we were approached by a dreadlocked young male so we quizzed him about the situation. He said he'd been there on and off for four years and would remain there until the fight was won. Then off he went to a nearby allotment-type place where they presumably grow their own food.

Himself took some photos but I wasn't brave enough. It felt like there could have been lots of pairs of eyes watching us from within the treehouses!

As we left the woodland we saw a beautiful red, white and black woodpecker high up in the treetops and at that point I hoped fervently that the eco-warrior would win his fight so that the likes of Woody could keep his home!

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misteejay said...

Super photos.

Muck-spreading certainly clears the sinuses doesn't it LOL

Toni xx