Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sleepy Sunday

It's been a bit of a chill-out day thus far, with the cats actually allowing me to remain in my pit until 9 a.m (which has to be a record!), a bit of crafting this morning and a lovely trip to Craigie's this afternoon, where we took a walk and I tried out my Dad's camera (which unfortunately seems to have a fault - sorry, Dad!)

The ham and cheese sandwich is not, I hasten to add, mine, fellow veggos!

And the weekend began with a busy, but satisying day at work, then a delish veggie lasagne at Himself's place after which we watched this:

It certainly lived up to expectations, especially the cute dog character ("Squirrel!!"). And even though, yes, it is just a cartoon, I did well up a bit at one point! I'm such a wuss!
The plan now is to do as little as possible, as severe yawniness has set in. A bath and some episodes of CSI it is then!

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