Monday, 15 March 2010

100 Things....

Ah yes, it was a pleasant weekend indeed, with a couple of airy walks in the gorge spring weather, and making my Mother a cream tea yesterday afternoon, before being cooked for by Himself (we're going to put in a complaint to the creators of a recipe called The Ultimate Veggie Burger for misleading people - it should really be renamed as The Ultimate Veggie Burger That Will Fall To Bits In The Pan And Resemble A Pile Of Gunk Instead. That's not a criticism of Himself, I hasten to add; he followed the recipe to a "tee" and it was actually very tasty!)

At Cardmaking Night on Friday I shared an idea with my colleagues that had been brewing in my mind for a few days. I'm all for simplifying life and when I heard that my avid-reader uncle had challenged himself to own, at any one time, just 100 books, I wondered if this concept could be applied to craft items as well. Like all crafters, I hoarde stash by the bucketload and while at times it is useful to have an array of crafty items at my disposal (see previous daffodil card as an example), it is more often than not a "can't-see-the-wood-for-the-trees" situation.


I have set myself the challenge of owning only 100 craft items at any one time. This does not include essential tools or card and paper, but it does include stamps, punches, kits, embellishments, ribbons and other variables.

Any time a new item comes into my possession, something else will have to be used/sold/given away/thrown out, etc.

Is it do-able? My colleagues mocked and scorned the very idea, but I ignored their disdain.

I like a challenge!

While I build myself up to a Big Clearout, here is a peek at the project we're going to be making in my upcoming class Flutterby Butterfly:

It's a set of notecards, presented in their own little magazine-file-style holder. I liked the dimensional butterfly stickers when I first saw them and thus the concept was formed.
The natural raffia adds a nice touch I think.

Right, I'm off to count my punches. Oh dear, this may not be easy. I wonder if I could stretch to 101 things....?


Allison said...

they are so lovely and a fab idea

CraftyNess said...

I only wish I could get my stash down to 100 things, but I would not know where to start. Think OH would like that idea too.

Really like the cards they are gorgeous.