Friday, 19 March 2010

A Day Off

Woo! No work for me today and I've stayed put at home for fear my hair might be wrenched from my head in the mighty gusts we've been having around these here parts!
But it's been a productive one, with me getting the place all spick and span this morning and undertaking part one of The Big Craft Clearout this afternoon. I wouldn't say I have the biggest stash out of all the crafters in the world but it's amazing how a thorough rummage through one's boxes can uncover items one did not even recall purchasing!

So, mindful of my 100 Things Challenge (thanks to Ruthie for suggesting I start at 500 things and take it in stages - that sounds like a plan!), I now have a pile of "To Be Used Up ASAP" embellishmental items at the side of my craft desk. Not one more thing can be added to my collection until they are gone!! (I'm such a hard taskmaster!!)
Despite possessing a large amount of diecuts, however, I couldn't find anything suitable for making a Congrats on Passing Your Driving Test card for my colleague, so, resourcefully, I drew one:

I do feel that the car does somewhat resemble a UFO, but I was quite pleased with how the whole thing turned out. I'm particularly liking the Versamark Watermark Ink Pad I borrowed found to stamp the background with. Handy piece of kit. But I'm not allowed to have one of my own just yet :o(

This card was made for a wee girl's birthday:

Another Honey and Hugs notelet used here. I hope she had a great birthday!

Well, that's me for now. I'm just going to go and light a chocolate -and -honey- scented candle and sink into a hot bath. Rurrrr!!

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Allison said...

fab cards Debbie