Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I Like Being Veggie!

Oh yum, I've just made myself a cheesy garlicky mushroom burger (no meat obv, just a big portobello mushy) and it was delish. In a bun with salad leaves, tomato and red onion. Good job I've not got company this evening as it was one of those meals impossible to eat without getting it all over the face and now my garlic breath would knock you over at a hundred yards. Delightful, eh?
On a more genteel note, it's my day over at D&D and I decided to do a bit of recycling and decorate an empty jar, resulting in a little Easter vase:

Perfect for displaying my daffs in!

OK, I'd really better go and brush my teeth, I'm starting to not want to be in the same room as myself now!

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