Wednesday, 31 March 2010

An Easter Basket

Gosh, I haven't made a card in days! It's weird how recent events have thrown me out of kilter; I've been creating, but it's only been items for my Etsy shop, and my D&D project, which is an Easter Basket based on the same concept as the Valentine's one.

I had a pleasant weekend despite the sad events of Friday - I've been having sniffle-inducing "Corrie Moments" and really miss her at these times, but mostly I've been concentrating on making a fuss of Ben, who must be puzzled as to where his sister's got to.

Himself and I had a very over-indulgent Cheese and Wine Evening on Saturday, just the two of us, and it was Cheese Overload, but extremely tasty. Then we went for a chilly walk in the rain on Sunday afternoon. Monday was a nice visit to my friend Angela's, Tuesday there was snow (the less said about that, the better!) and today, well, I'm hoping to actually make a card now!

See you soon!


CraftyNess said...

Is the egg still in its wrapper?

You gave me a fright yesterday(in a nice way!) as you appeared on my Facebook page. Did not realise that they showed you Blog creations. And very nice it is too. Do you just have to keep buying easter eggs to display it?! ;-) Vxx

Debbie said...

The egg is still intact at this time! I didn't know about Facebook either - I'm a bit clueless when it comes to that still!

Allison said...

lovely Easter basket
Hope you aren;t too full of chocolate