Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Feast For The Eyes (and the stomach!)

I do enjoy my job. Especially when my lovely boss takes it upon herself to "celebrate" the finishing of a stock check I didn't even help with by bringing these delightful items into our lives:

Julie and I just about died when we saw them. They truly were works of art. I just had to ask Tricia to take these photos of them.

Julie had an intimate moment alone with this strawberry one:

'Twas not long before the chocolate one made it's way into my face...

...and the lemony one swiftly followed:

Nom nom nom!!!!

Sigh. We are very bad girls.

Oh, and I promised you woolly flowers:

Don't you think they look good enough to eat too??

1 comment:

CraftyNess said...

These cake look delicious - why did you not call... I would have taken some of the burden off you...