Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Using Up Scraps... making Valentine's tags. Only problem is, I'm now left with even smaller scraps! I'll have to make some mini tags!

I can't believe the week is whizzing by so fast. The weekend was very enjoyable, with the housewarming party turning into a reunion of schoolfriends who have known each other for nearly quarter of a century (scary!) and a comparison of hideous hairstyles we have all "sported" in the dim and distant past. My "friends" particularly like to remind me of my "Leo Sayer" phase, when I had a very unfortunate perm. Why does no one tell us at the time how bad these things look??? At least, for some, it was not long before they went The Way of The Straightener. It took me somewhat longer to be enlightened, sadly.

And, yes, there are photos but they are not for viewing by those of a nervous disposition!


ros said...

your cards look so gorgeous debbie

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

fab tags hun. You must be like me & keep every miniscule piece of paper!! Let me know when you do a douwe egberts jar! x

Allison said...

matching mini tags would be ideal- great selection of cards