Sunday, 24 January 2010

Colours Galore

I just love collecting different colours of card and paper.

I'm lucky that my job enables me to do that quite nicely.

It's good to see some spring-like shades coming in!

I am going to help Himself to decorate his flat. So yesterday we B&Q'd. H is depressed at the thought but I am going to be his Motivator as I enjoy painting. I don't think he'll let me loose with a palette of colours like those above though!

Today I feel like I don't want to leave my craft room. I'm making tags. Cup of orange mocha coffee beside me. Feet on a hot water bottle. It's a good feeling but I'm going to have to tear myself away in order to make curried parsnip and coconut soup for tomorrow's lunch. Plus, I have eye strain in the crepuscular gloom. I really have to get that light switch fixed soon!

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