Monday, 11 January 2010

Let Me Be Frank...

I am reunited with my trusty camera so all is well (fingers crossed)!
I know Christmas is sooo last year, but I just want to share a couple of the handmade items I was given:

A fabby Yuletide log made by the fair hand of kennel-owning friend Michelle. I've told her she needs to go into business making these!

And the selection of goodies I received from my "Secret" Santa, who was in fact Kim. Such a lot of work went into these.

I got a lot of other lovely pressies too. The cat book has been put to good use, although there has not been much sign of intelligence from my two so far!

OK, so enough about Christmas! Now onto the next big event, which is, of course, Valentine's Day. My project for Daisy and Dandelion this month is my version of a wee basket I've seen on some stamping sites and I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out. There are some really lovely projects from the other girls too. Makes me feel quite romantic! (!!)

Talking of romance, Himself not only willingly sat through Notting Hill with me on Saturday evening, he was the one who actually suggested it! I was quite impressed!

It was a pleasant weekend, marred only by yet more feline bowel unfortunateness :o( I've read that owning cats is supposed to reduce your chances of having a heart attack by a third. I'm inclined to disagree. The stress mine cause me is likely to send me to an early grave (or at least a headful of grey hair!)

Perhaps a cat like this might be slightly less trouble to own:

Meet Frank.

He's my first attempt at making a felt critter and although he could do with a tad more stuffing, I think there is something cutely devilish about him. He is a prototype for, I hope, more felt creations so watch this space...

Right, I'm off to stir a huge vat of Quorn chilli that will hopefully see me through the week.


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