Saturday, 9 January 2010

Still Here!

Still no camera :o(

But while we've all been basking in this balmy heatwave (cough) I've not been slacking, no, indeedy. The enforced hibernation of this last week or so means that I've got cards and a felt creature to show, but, as yet, no photos - sob!

The arrival of new spring stock in the shop has perked us up; I'm particularly fond of Papermania's Honey & Hugs range which features owls, sheep, piggies and chicks. I would use the word "cute" but I'm not allowed to, I'm on a ban :o(

Nothing much to report here really. I've just collected Corrie's medicine from the vets and slipped in the car park, which was hurtful to my pride, although a small boy did ask me if I was OK, with genuine concern and no sign of a smirk, which touched me greatly. It's a pity I was a bit abrupt in my reply as I got up from the ground, nursing my embarrassment. Oops!

Now because I have no fresh photos to show, I thought I'd step down memory lane and find a pic of what was on my craft desk this time two years ago:

My cardmaking was still very much in it's infancy and, as you can tell, I didn't have a very good paper trimmer - those rough edges! But I loved making animal toppers and I think this one is quite cute! (Oops, that's a pound in the swearbox!) I might start "dabbling" in that again!

See you soon - hopefully with some new pics!

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