Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bag Lady

Ooh, I'm feeling quite invigorated this afternoon because after months of procrastination I have finally ventured to my local swimming pool and swum 34 lengths!! It felt very good because although I'm not a strong swimmer I do like being in the water (hence my bubble bath addiction) and a handy notice on the wall informed me that I probably burned off about 380 calories (so I can feel justified in eating a Mars Bar now!) It was nice and quiet too, so I could flap about in peace without getting in anyone's way (or they getting in mine!) Hopefully this can become a regular occurrence.

I have now completed a selection of decorated jute bags, each of which contains a set of notecards and envelopes, so they'd make a nice gift:

You may have seen some of these before. I completed the strawberry one last night and nearly lost my eyesight trying to sew on all the teeny little seed beads! It doesn't help that my needle is too thick for most of the beads to slide over, so I have to discard about 50 before I find one that works. Blood, sweat and tears, I tell you!

These will be going to the craft fair with me; they will appear in my Folksy shop thereafter.

OK, I'm off to wash my chloriney hair!


misteejay said...

Wow, lovely work Debbie - looks like you are getting together a super selection for the fayre.

Toni :o)

Sharon said...

Ooh, they're lovely. I'll be shocked if they're not snapped up.