Sunday, 20 March 2011

Slob Day

Today I'm having a "slob" day, which means not setting foot outside the door unless my life (or anyone else's) depends on it, non-washed hair (bleh) and slouchy clothes that I wouldn't wish anyone human to see me wearing. Every so often it's nice to have one of those days.

But that doesn't mean I've not been crafting - oh no - I've been working away feverishly at my desk to create a couple of ACEOs and the results are thus:


and meet Fred and Ginger, who are here to demonstrate the true meaning of various words from the English language:

Look out for more in the series!

Before I slouch off to continue my slobbishness, I'd like to say hello to a friend who's feeling a bit under the weather. Get Well Soon, Angela!!


Allison said...

love both the cards- hope you had a good slob day- I had one yesterday and only ventured out to take the dogs down the park and I was not a pretty sight

misteejay said...

I agree it is great to have the odd 'slob' day.

Love the cards especially the pud-tats.

Toni :o)

Sarpreet said...

hi there, such gorgeous sweet cards, great layouts.have more slob days! love it

Pen said...

Im having a slob day every day, and its getting a bit of a worry! Love your work xx