Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fruit Fool

My craft desk is currently home to a collection of Little Teapots.

They are destined to go on gift tags but I am also experimenting with teabag-holder cards because I like the idea of giving an extra little treat when I send a card!

After a week of extremely unhealthy eating (three custard doughnuts yesterday - three!!!!) I have decided that if I am to achieve my aim of looking halfway decent in a bikini by June, then I must improve my diet. The pot of sweets on my craft desk was a baaaad idea so it has been banished for the time being. And for lunch I had celery and houmous dip. Which is a start I suppose. But there's a long way to go. Sigh.

There is a certain healthy freshness about this citrussy card which I made using CPS #208.

And to continue the "fruity" theme I have decorated another notepad:

OK, so now I'd better go and satisfy my sweet cravings with a tangerine. No more doughnuts for me! (for at least the next week!)


misteejay said...

You've been busy again - lovely cards and those teapots are so cute.

Toni :o)

Jacqueline said...

So cute - the colours of the CPS card are so bright and cheerful - great job on the sketch!!
Made by Jacqueline

phatelara said...

So purrty!!

Debbie, Crafty Heart