Monday, 28 March 2011

Still Creating!

Much as I love crafting, every so often I have to have a few days off from it, so my weekend was entirely creation-free. There is always a slight worry during this time that I'll never get back to it, that it would just be easier to spend every evening vegging for three hours in front of the telly, but luckily, the urge to make pretty, papery things is always too strong!

I also had a bit of a wobbly moment when I wondered if I would have enough stock for the craft fair that is only two weeks away, but I'm over that now - I think!

But, just in case, the makes are still coming thick and fast!

Some simple floral notepads.

And some jazzed-up paper clips. These were a bit of a nightmare to get right. The clip is attached to the scalloped circle by means of the central brad, a strip of extra-sticky double-sided tape and several 3mm foam pads! They are finished off with dots of liquid pearls, which I recently re-discovered after not having used them for 26 years (near enough). A 1-and-a- 1/4" punched circle on the back of the scallop hides all the sticky bits.

My days off from crafting meant that, unfortunately, I was not able to complete the Folksy March Hares Daily Listing challenge :( Whilst I was a part of it, however, I had fun and my shop is full-to-bursting as a result! Plus I met lots of other lovely Folksters. So well done to everyone who does manage to complete the month, maybe I'll try again soon!


misteejay said...

Those paperclips are lovely - great selection of goodies Debbie.

Toni :o)

Sharon said...

Very pretty. You've certainly got plenty of goodies for your fair. Can I be nosy and ask where you get your notepads? I can't find any that are suitable for altering. Thanks :o)