Monday, 13 December 2010

Plush Pals

There hasn't been much card-making going on here of late, what with all the snow carnage (kitchen ceiling is intact and drying out - for the moment), but I have turned my "hand" to a bit more sewing and the result is a new playmate for Frank.

Spike still has to have his "emblem" applied and requires a bit of stitching-up in the, aherm, nether regions, but Frank was still pleased to make his acquaintance. The cheeky pair are certainly brightening up my craft room!

I've had a very pleasant weekend, I'm pleased to say. Himself and I ventured into Edinburgh to do some Christmas shopping on Saturday; we had delish cappucinos in a nice little Italian cafe on George Street and people-watched, then we ventured into the German Market, which was absolutely mobbed, with about 250 people per square inch of pavement. Not for the faint-hearted, and we didn't even get to have any gluhwein!

Yesterday was a "mock" Christmas dinner at Himself's parents, with such an enormous spread laid on that we were physically unable to move for hours afterwards. And the Very Cute Nephew kept us all deeply entertained with his toddler antics.

So, all in all, I'm feeling a tad more festive now!


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misteejay said...

Love your fun 'Pals' they look fab.
Glad your roof seems to be okay for the moment and that you managed to escape for a pleasant wander in town.

Toni :o)