Sunday, 5 December 2010

Free At Last!!!

Well, I'm glad to report that I'm feeling decidedly more human again, after a couple more days of being home-bound because of the snow. On Friday I made it to the dentist (er, hurrah!?) but only because that was in walking distance; my car remained engulfed by a wall of snow until Friday afternoon, when my dear friend Angela, sensing that I was going slowly insane at being unable to get to work, loaned me her husband for a short while! No, nothing dodgy! He came bearing a shovel and some brute force to dig my little car, Rusty, out of his igloo, and so, FINALLY, I was mobile once more!!

This act of kindness meant that I was able to attend a demo day that my place of work was holding on Saturday (I was sooo nervous about being one of the demonstrators but I ended up really enjoying it). Let's just say, top priority on my next shopping list is a bloomin' shovel!

So I, or rather, Fergus the cat, would just like to say to Angela and Jon:

P.S. And I now have double-sided tape - hurrah!!

1 comment:

misteejay said...

Bliss...a restock of DST...I think I have a few rolls tucked away for emergencies LOL

Glad you enjoyed your demo day.

Toni :o)