Friday, 31 December 2010

Bye Bye 2010

I always feel very philosphical on the last day of the year and this one is no exception. I like to reflect on my life and it's happenings, and 2010 has definately been another year of change for little old me. One of my wee cats departed this world, I've moved into a home I can call my own (it's been a bit scary discovering the quirks and foibles of Mushroom Cottage but I still love it!) and in crafting I've opened a Folksy shop and designed my own little characters, which I hope to develop further in 2011!

All these changes have made me realise just how much I appreciate the good friends and family who have been there through good times and bad - thanks, folks, and I'm sorry if I've been grumpy and grouchy at various points!

Well that's all a bit deep, so on a lighter note, here's a selection of the pretty gifts I received for Crimble:

You'll notice I have been given a mini hot water bottle (Yay!)! Now I can have cosy feet wherever I go!

I'm not a great one for sales and usually avoid shops (apart from the one I work in!) like the plague after Christmas, but I've been needing some new boots for a while so I decided to treat myself to some new Skechers:

Really looking forward to wearing these! They were a bargain too!

Oh Gawd, whilst typing this I've eaten half a box of marzipan fruits! That can't be good, surely?

I'd like to wish you all a happy and safe New Year and all the best for 2011!!!

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misteejay said...

Hope you enjoyed the nibbles LOL

Some big changes in 2010 so I hope you get a chance for everything to settle down in 2011.

Wishing you a good one

Toni xx