Thursday, 2 December 2010

Getting Fed Up Now...

Monday ~ Travel into work despite snow. Bit scary driving on the slippery roads but manage to get there and back, and feel all brave and virtuous, etc.

Tuesday ~ Feel decidedly less brave and virtuous. Car starting to disappear under mounds of snow. No shovel available. Roads look scary. Decide not to leave house but manage to be very productive craftwise so that's kind of OK.

Completed: Small Notepads

Completed: Tall Notepads

Completed: Calenders

Completed: Christmas Cards

Result: Reasonably Happy

Wednesday ~ Car snow-bound after continuous flurries of the white stuff for 24 hours. No hope of moving it. No buses running. Another day at home. Cabin Fever setting in. No double-sided tape in house. No craft productivity whatsoever. Bed feels like the best place to be.





Result - Miserable.

Thursday ~ Still ********** snowing!!! Manage to clear approx 1/2 square inch from round car wheels despite about an hour's work. Another day at home beckons. Phone calls to family and friends to discuss situation. Trying to overcome general feelings of uselessness, etc. Looking for alternative to d-sided tape so I can make stuff!

Result - Cross but Determined to Create!!!

Hope you're all safe and warm, wherever you are!


Allison said...

they are all yummy Debbie- your now looks pretty much the same as mine- terrified driving to work and getting back- so glad I don't work Thursday but still had to take the dogs out but now I am home I am going nowhere except the craft room

misteejay said...

Well done on all your craftiness.

I've been walking to the station in all this snow and that has been scarey - the snow hasn't stopped since it started on Monday evening.

Hope you find a solution to the DST.

Toni :o)