Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Good Weekend!

Hi, I'm back in blogland after yet another unexplained abscence!
Actually it's just been a busy few days and I'm only just stopping to draw breath now. The retirement party was a good night out, with a live band and amusing conversation with friends being the main source of entertainment. Along with the retiree donning a blond pigtailed wig (the retiree was a man!) and leading the band in lively renditions of Abba numbers. In a dramatic moment of exhibitionism he flung the wig asunder and it landed with unfortunate preciseness on a lit tealight!! My reflexes were like lightening as I plucked said wig free from a firey doom. It wasn't even singed!
Oh, and I still enjoyed the evening, despite the fact I had to undergo a nightmare "someone-else-wearing-same-frock" situ. The embarrassment did not stop me from "hitting" the dance floor, although I could not bear to make eye contact with the identical-outfit-wearer. Himself said it looked better on me. That was the right thing to say!

Sunday was a quiet affair, with a pleasant, but bitterly cold walk in the nearby country park. After getting up early to watch the Federer/Murray match whilst munching toasted waffles with cream and syrup. Yurrrm!
I've realised I never showed a pic of my diary for this year, well, let me put that right!

Just a plain black diary from Asda, that I covered with Doodlebug papers and stickers from the Pretty Kitty Essentials Kit.

It matches nicely with this notebook Kim and Julie made, which, for some kind reason they gave to me:

Today I took the day off to get my car serviced, and then a kind man fixed my craft room light switch so I can now see what I'm doing - wahey!

Tonight these cute (I know, I know!) animal mini cards will be going in my shop:

The stamps are from Jolly Nation and I think they're Jolly Nice!!

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ros said...

love the little paw prints on ur diary it looks so cute, and all those cards are gorgeous