Monday, 22 February 2010

A Bracing Walk

Well, I tried making a card using the colours from my washing-up brush, but the result was so abhorrently hideous it will never see the light of day. Sigh. Back to the drawing board then.

At least my camera got some fresh air on Sunday when, after a delish brekkie of buttered toast and peanut butter (smlurch!), we took a walk around Linlithgow Loch. It was absolutely Baltic but the sun was shining.

The surface of the loch had frozen, broken, then refrozen.

Birds were standing on the ice-encrusted surface.

When people began throwing bread to the birds, things went a bit crazy!

The swans remained serene (Himself took this)

He took this "action" shot too.

And this. He's just too good. Bah.

It doesn't feel like a 2.3km walk around the loch. But it is.

This was rather poignant. A Valentine for a lost loved one? :o(

I wanted to take a good snowdrops shot,
but I guess this wasn't it.

I need more practice!

By the time we'd completed our walk and returned to the car, our ears had frozen solid and fallen off, but we were able to satisfy a craving for Heinz tomato soup and cheese sandwiches back at the house and that more than helped.

In the evening I made the aforementioned rubbish card. And then a better one but I haven't taken a pic yet.

My mojo may be AWOL but at least I've got some nice new ink pads to try, in my favourite "earthy" colours:

OK, I'm off to have another go at my colour challenge. Wish me luck!

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ScottishPrincess said...

Isn't it annoying when your husband seems to be able to take better photos than you and make it look effortless? In my case it's even more annoying because he's only been taking photos for the last year and I'm supposed to have a lot more experience. But then he's the same with everything I introduce him to. I'm mediocre and he's looking like an expert in no time. He's shown no interest in learning to make jewellery yet so maybe there's one thing I can still be better at than him. :o)