Friday, 5 February 2010


Snuffle. Snort. Parp. Etc.

Yes, people, it's that time of year again and I have a cold. A fuzzy-headed, stuffle-nosed lurgy. There was me thinking I'd escaped the nasal bugs this winter too. Oh well. It's a good excuse to bundle up cosily at home and drink Lemsip. "Yum"!

When I've not been beset by sneezing, I've been planning a class for March called Spring is Sprung, using the new range from Daisy and Dandelion entitled "Some Bunny Loves You". No pics yet but watch this space!

Elsewhere, my colleagues and I have been inspired by some Card Candy we were shown at a Stampin'Up party the other night, and I have subsequently made a selection of Baby-themed embellies:

As soon as I've purloined some acetate to back them onto, these will be a new feature in my Etsy shop. They are assembled from various bits and pieces from my stash and, once more, it's a great way of using up scraps.

OK, time to go and evacuate the nose area.

See you soon!

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