Friday, 19 February 2010

Simple Pleasures

I don't much enjoy washing my dishes. It's one of those everyday chores I put off and off until there is a teetering pile of cat-food-encrusted bowls and mould-spore-producing coffee mugs on my kitchen worktop. Not very pleasant, I know. I could probably place the whole thing in a glass case and submit it for the Turner Prize. Or better still, wash it daily and therefore be able to find a clean teaspoon whenever I need one.

So to help perk up this mind-numbing chore, I have purchased this rather pretty item:

I got it from Morrison's for 99p and they even do a matching dustpan and brush should you have a similar aversion to sweeping up stray bits of cat litter (and I do). I love the colours so much that I am going to use them to set myself a cardmaking challenge. I will make my next few cards using this eclectic mix of shades.

So there!

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Lesley said...

lovely pics - what a beautiful place to have a walk - best wishes Lesley x