Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cross-eyed and Crusty!

Yesterday I had a good long crafty session, making embellishments all afternoon and evening!

Cupcakes and butterflies!

Owls and Birds!

I was cross-eyed by the end of it but at least I've got lots of little embellies to hand when I want to make things like these notepads:

I've also made a recipe that I quite enjoyed: Roasted vegetable tart with a cous cous crust.  I've never been a big fan of cous cous but it worked well as an alternative to pastry!

Excuse the charred bits, they didn't detract from the flavour!


misteejay said...

Hi Debbie, all your recent makes have been fab and I love your photos.

I have to say I would not have thought of using cous cous like that but it looks yummy.

Toni xx

famfa said...

Umm yum. Any chance of the recipe?