Thursday, 15 March 2012

Creepiness and Craftiness!

I was keen to take my camera on another expedition so today my parents and I visited the derelict Bangour Village Hospital because they hadn't seen it before.  I enjoyed using my camera again but unfortunately the weather was somewhat dull and uninspiring and also a tad chilly.  Even though mum and I had taken a flask of coffee with us it was nice to get into the warmth of a local garden centre and warm ourselves with steaming bowls of lentil soup!

My Dad and I took lots of pics; too many to put on here.  However, we all agreed that this building was particularly atmospheric and creepy, like Mrs Danvers' house in Rebecca:

I like the curvy look to the roof, as if it's buckled in on itself.

It's definitely going to be worth another visit when the sky is brighter!

I hope you'll find my recent creations slightly less creepy!

More tealight sets - lavender this time!

An Easter card:

Someone on Folksy said the bunny looks embarrassed because he's eaten all the chocolate eggs!  I think this is most definitely the case!

And I've revamped my Little Horse card:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Allison said...

lovely cards
I do so enjoy old derelict buildings, castles etc- find them fascinating- have a good weekend