Monday, 25 July 2011

Lovely Days

With the news headlines being nothing but utter grimness over the past few days, it was at least nice that the weather was kind, and we did our best to make the most of it. On Saturday Himself and I sat outside a cafe in Morningside (how terribly posh we are!), drank cappucinos and ate deliciously huge truffles in the sunshine. Later on we attended a barbecue thrown by friends who are an old "hand" at it so there was a great spread laid on, picnic blankets on the lawn and much cute kids-and-dogs antics to keep us entertained.

Yesterday, H and I took a picnic up into the Pentland hills and sat in a grassy meadow (which didn't do much for his hayfever - oops!) where the simple pleasure of eating fresh raspberries in the sunshine made me glad to exist. Wibble.

Now it's another week and I have a plethora (that is one of my fave words!) of male cards to make over the next wee while. To say I'm worried about it would be putting it a bit strongly. More like "mildly anxious"!! The only "boy" themed cards I've made lately are my dinosaur ones and I think the males in question are a bit old for those....

*All these designs can be personalised with names and ages. Oh, the technology!!!*


Creating Trouble said...

I know some males who wouldn't be too old for dinosaur cards... they're cute!

misteejay said...

They are so cute Debbie - lovely cards

Toni xx