Monday, 11 July 2011

Chinese, County Park and Cats!

Well, that was a pleasant weekend, beginning with an evening of Crafting ' n Chinese at Julie's on Friday night. This is an annual event and a delightful one which I think should become a regular; say, once a week???!!! Not that we actually, aherm, did any crafting!! Once we'd stuffed our faces we settled down for an evening of girly chat and before we knew it, it was nearly midnight! Rock 'n roll!!!! The mushroom chow mein was to die for and tasted even better the next day - mmmmmmm!!!!

Saturday and Sunday were punctuated by some of the heaviest downpours of rain I've ever seen! Luckily our outing to Muiravonside Country Park yesterday was almost monsoon-free, although we had to eat our picnic in the car! Whilst we followed a riverside-path in sweltering humidity, akin to that of a Bolivian rainforest, we were bitten by large flies and today my bites have come up like saucers! And they itch like mad. Pass the Calamine Lotion!!

A card I've made for someone who has got themselves not one, but three black kittens!

I hope the recipient likes it!!


misteejay said...

Sounds like a super weekend Debbie (apart from the bites - I feel itchy just thinking about it).

Lovely card - those kitties are so cute. I'm the card will be very much appreciated.

Toni xx

misteejay said...

Did you notice the obvious mistake...LOL

'sure' is missing from the last sentence...this PC seems to have a mind of its own at the moment.

Toni xx

misteejay said...

Hi it's me again...I'd like to share a blog award with you as your lovely, cute creations alway make me smile (piccy & details on my blog).

Toni xx

Debbie said...

Thank you, Toni, that's much-appreciated, I will pop over to your blog and take a look! :)

Debbie x