Monday, 30 November 2009

Misty Moochings

Crivens - I can't believe it's nearly December!! Scary!! The new year will soon be upon us so I've been churning out a few more calendars:

Another pleasant weekend occurred, with coffee and big cakes at South Queensferry to celebrate my Dad's Birthday. Shame the bridges were swathed in mist:

The Forth Rail Bridge

The Road bridge wasn't much better!

We pitied the poor coachloads of tourists from Yorkshire or wherever who'd travelled up especially to see these miracles of engineering only to find them half-missing!

The card I made for my Dad was a little bit cheeky..

The immense age on the front is a reference to the age he would be in cat years (I'll let you work that out for yourselves - sorry Dad!) and it was a good excuse to use another paper piecing.

I have a few days off work now, but a busy week ahead - let's hope I have time to make a few more cardettes!

See you soon!

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Allison said...

these are wonderful