Saturday, 7 November 2009

Getting Boring Now...

I feel very virtuous at the moment because I've just given my car it's annual wash and yesterday I performed the heinous task of defrosting the ice compartment of my fridge - both jobs I had been looking forward to with about as much relish as that of my execution. But now I can tick them off my never-ending "to do" list and move onto something more enticing, such as making things like this:

This little box once contained dental floss sticks (how delightful!)

Now it's home to 8 little birdie notecards.

The World: "Gah! Will you please STOP using the same set of papers for every project you've ever made since the beginning of time??!?"

Me: "What?? Not until every last miniscule smidgeroony has been used up from my scrapbox I won't!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lol your post made me laugh & I needed a laugh!

Love the idea, use of the box & the papers!

Great make, way better than cleaning a car!!
Helen x