Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Don't Worry Be Happy!

Hello folks! All is well with the world; I don't start work until 2.00, I've made and eaten raisin pancakes for brekkie and my mojo is back from the dead! For the moment anyway. So I'm making the most of it!
Produced a new item for my shop yesterday. My Dad and I came up with this concept because we are both worriers and our heads are always full of anxieties. We both know it helps to get things down on paper. Hence:

A Worry Book! The idea behind this little notepad is that you keep it in your bag or by your bed, etc, and whenever something is vexing you, immediately write it down in here. That gets it out of your head and you can let the little character on the front do your worrying for you. Even better, when the problem is sorted and the worry is a thing of the past, you can just rip the page out and throw it away! This would be ideal for all you neurotics out there! All I did was cover a simple notepad with pp and I hand-drew and coloured the wee creature on the front. I plan to do a whole set of these! Will they catch on, I wonder?

I finally used my Pumpkin and Aubergine stamps! Her birthday is over now so I can show the card I made for my Mum using them:

Really enjoyed making this. The paper ribbon was given to me by a kind personette; it's not something I've used before but I think it adds a nice touch. The pps are from the My Minds Eye Wild Asparagus set. Talking of P&A, all the Halloween stuff arrived in the shop last week (squealage!!) so I am now planning my class in earnest! It's all very exciting.

I liked the colour scheme of Mum's card so I went with something similar and made this rather "abstract" card:

Bloom and Grow pps, more paper ribbon, and the embellishment is one I kind of made by mistake when fiddling around for my Recycling class! Which, by the way, is tonight. Oooerr.

Well, I'd better go. I need to work on P&A stuff and also I've received my first custom order through my Etsy shop!! Woo! It's all systems go round here!!

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